Lee Woo Young 

VP of Business Development, Asia Region

Lee Woo Young is an energetic, results-oriented Vice President of Business Development in the Asia Region and he has been with BGI since 2014. He oversees all safety programming, education, training, and business activities in the region as well as providing support for major Korean companies operating in the United States. Mr. Lee delivers effective solutions to meet challenging business demands for international cooperation, especially for Korean companies. He has over 25 years of experience in the design, construction, semiconductor, drone, and EV sectors with experience ranging from programming and planning to closeout. Mr. Lee has worked in a number of countries including South Korea, Australia, China, Mongolia, Russia, Ukraine, and Vietnam. Lee Woo Young also supports the launch of new factories headquartered in Asia but operating in the United States. He supports BGI’s contracts in this space and is the point of contact for those operations. 

South Korea

B.S. in Industrial Design, Kon Kuk University, Korea

M.S. of Design, Architect, and Building, University of Technology Sydney, Australia