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Phoenix Area Businesses Benefit from BGI Security’s Comprehensive Services

Banda Security LLC is thrilled to announce the acquisition of two new contracts providing security services to clients in the Phoenix area. The Banda Security team is performing comprehensive 24-hour site security for a large commercial property hosting more than 500 local businesses. Security teams ensure round-the-clock protection through constant foot and mobile patrols and promptly respond to service calls, enforce property safety standards, and implement proactive measures to prevent vandalism and theft. Additionally, Banda Security teams are now deployed at a local gated residential community where they assume responsibility for the guard house operations. Their duties include managing ingress and egress points, controlling access to the property, and ensuring the safety and well-being of residents and visitors. Banda Security officers prioritize the safety and security of the properties they serve, offering peace of mind to clients, and act as ambassadors for the properties that we protect.

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