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Environmental Health and Safety Professional Support

Banda Group International (BGI) deployed an environmental, health, and safety (EH&S) specialist to support general contracting work conducted at a confidential high-tech facility by our partners, GCON, Inc. The EH&S specialist was key in coaching and auditing safe work practices and decreasing the overall incident rate for construction activities. The safety specialist was responsible for surveying jobsites, running safety reports, auditing programs, and providing EH&S oversight to the general contractor and its subcontractors operating onsite. BGI’s EH&S specialist walked jobsites with GCON’s project manager, superintendent, and the project owner to identify and mitigate hazards or concerns before subcontractors began work.

Work involved interacting with various subcontractors with a wide range of specialties. BGI’s EH&S specialist conducted daily coaching and mentoring to maintain a safety-first culture. This proactive approach to managing risk and safety concerns contributed to an overall decrease of 24% in safety incidents. Near misses or incidents were investigated and reported to determine and correct the root cause of hazards. By educating and coaching construction personnel, work proceeded on time with minimal delays.

The BGI EH&S specialist was responsible for managing several safety programs including pause / stop work authority; working from height; lock out / tag out; control of hazardous energies; hazardous communication; industrial hygiene; and other standard EH&S protocols. Work included monitoring and cataloging all chemicals brought onsite to properly manage hazards and safety concerns associated with various chemicals.

Key features

  • Environmental Health and Safety Oversight
  • Safety Training
  • Site Walks
  • Safety Audits
  • Daily jobsite walk downs and review of best practices
  • Reviewed, standardized, and trained a comprehensive pre-task plan and job hazard analysis program
  • Onsite interactions with workers providing visible and approachable assistance for all EH&S needs

The BGI EH&S specialist improved and standardized the pre-task plan (PTP) job hazard analysis (JHA) program and conducted education and training using the PTP/JHA as a tool to improve the identification of hazards and deployment with all subcontractors. The EH&S specialist worked with site managers who provided feedback to improve the protocol during the course of the work.


Hillsboro, Oregon


GCON, Inc.

Environmental Health and Safety

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