Environmental Support at the Delta Prime Site Aggregate Delayed Sites Project

BGI provided sampling and environmental support services for the characterization, remediation, decontamination, and demolition of building 21-257, a radiological liquid waste treatment facility at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). Work also included removal of the supporting above-ground contaminated storage tanks and radioactive waste lines where hazardous and radioactive contaminants are present. Along with sampling and characterization, the BGI team was responsible for locating, excavating, and removing industrial waste lines (IWLs) which carried contaminated hazardous waste into building 21-257. However, during characterization, radiological waste was uncovered in the IWLs and within building 21-257. Proper permitting is not yet in place to remove the level of radiological waste uncovered so, BGI continued by characterizing the vertical and horizontal extent of contamination at the site while the demolition scope was delayed pending future planning to address radiological waste concerns. 

As part of the Los Alamos Technical Associates’ (LATA) characterization team, BGI personnel were responsible for accurately locating, surveying, and conducting field soil and tuff sampling in order to characterize the vertical and horizontal extent of contamination under and around building 21-257. BGI field technicians worked with the characterization team manager to develop a process to coordinate daily samples including locating, logging, collecting, and managing samples in accordance with Sample Management Office (SMO) procedures. BGI documented sampling locations with GPS, collected field sampling using hand augers, appropriately labelled samples, generated sample paperwork and chain-of-custody, then managed sample delivery to the LANL SMO. In addition, BGI personnel coordinated with the field waste management technicians to ensure sampling requirements met waste acceptance criteria for the disposal facility.  

BGI also provided a full-time dedicated environmental professional (geologist) to work closely with field personnel to implement and administer the required environmental deliverables. The environmental professional’s duties included monitoring all operations to mitigate adverse environmental impacts (such as spill containment and erosion control) and to ensure operations complied with facility and prime contractor requirements. 

Along with site support and environmental professionals, BGI furnished environmental protection and compliance training for site workers, conducted environmentally related pre-job briefings, evaluated site for environmental protection and compliance issues, interfaced with prime contractors and the project’s subcontractor representative, initiated mitigation, and updated project documents. BGI prepared project reporting deliverables including the final project closeout report, shipping determination and characterization summary reports, and integrated work completion packages as well as maintained and organized the project characterization analytical-results database and project team training documentation database. In addition to field sampling duties, BGI provided waste management support supervising the handling, sizing, loading, and packaging of all wastes ensuring compliance and proper removal. 

2019 – 2021

Los Alamos, NM

  • Los Alamos Technical Associates
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory
Environmental Remediation

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