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Semiconductor Wafer Production Campus, Site Security Support

BGI currently provides comprehensive security services for the construction of a large-scale semiconductor manufacturing and fabrication campus near Phoenix, AZ. BGI has developed an extensive site-specific security plan outlining general site logistics, site access general security, physical security, personnel security, traffic control, and protection of intellectual property. Our site-specific security plan includes access to K9 survey teams and the deployment of drone countermeasures to mitigate unwanted ariel surveillance of the site. Trained members of the BGI security team use specialized computer surveillance to detect and monitor any drone activity, then report all incidents to our client. BGI takes a holistic approach to site safety and deploys a broad range of security measures.  

Currently, more than 8,000 workers access the construction site. Site managers project there will be as many as 20,000 workers during the height of this 10- to 15-year construction project. To accommodate this large flow of personnel, BGI fields a 24 / 7 security team controlling entry and exit of all workers and vehicle at multiple access points on the 850-acre site. Our bi-lingual security personnel conduct employee orientations in English and Spanish and they badge site workers for daily or temporary access.

BGI monitors security screenings at each entry point to ensure only authorized personnel are admitted and no prohibited devices enter the site. BGI controls, screens, and logs all vehicle traffic entering the site, including contractor trucks, service vehicles, and materials or equipment deliveries. Our trained team is capable of complex traffic control to coordinate the delivery of necessary material and equipment. Our BGI security team provides high-quality site security services, and we are proud to ensure the safety of all personnel and intellectual property at this semiconductor campus. 

2021 – 2023

Phoenix, AZ


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