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Environmental Services

BGI delivers solutions that support our clients’ needs and improve the communities in which we live and serve.

Our skilled technical and professional staff provide a broad range of environmental services to government and commercial clients throughout the United States and abroad. Our BGI team of experts includes highly skilled specialists available to support environmental permitting and compliance; industrial hygiene assessment and control; site assessment and characterization; as well as feasibility studies. BGI professional teams also conduct a broad range of soil, sediment, surface and groundwater sampling or characterization; decommissioning and demolition projects; field technical support; project planning and reporting; data evaluation; regulatory permitting and compliance; and waste management. Our staff of experts provide environmental services on schedule, within budget, and at the highest level of quality with experiences ranging from nuclear contamination remediation to landfill evaluation and cleanup.  

BGI provides the following environmental services: 

BGI has demonstrated its ability to successfully characterize contaminated sites and perform human health and ecological risk assessments to meet regulatory requirements in order to release land restrictions for solid waste management units (SWMUs) and areas of concern. Although BGI started as a small company providing health and safety services, BGI has established itself as one of the key legacy waste cleanup contractors at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) and Sandia National Laboratories (SNL). 

BGI provides continuous monitoring and various cleanup activities at SNL and also conducts groundwater monitoring activities to support the hexavalent chromium and Royal Demolition Explosive groundwater contamination programs at LANL as well as various characterization, waste packaging, and remediation projects. 

BGI teams execute characterization and sampling services to support the demolition of radioactive facilities and underground structures. This includes systematic sampling to identify and remove radiological waste as well as comprehensive subsurface investigation to identify the presence of geophysical anomalies suggestive of legacy waste in order to define the nature and extent of contamination. BGI teams can excavate and package various levels of radioactive waste soil and debris while also collecting and evaluating confirmation sample results used in the development of human health and ecological risk assessments. 

BGI provides cradle to grave environmental solutions, including long term stewardship services. These services protect the environment and human health at sites that have residual contamination present even after “cleanup” is complete. Long-term stewardship includes all engineered and institutional controls designed to contain or prevent exposure to residual radioactive or chemical contamination, such as surveillance activities, record-keeping activities, inspections, site monitoring, maintenance of barriers or contaminant structures, access control, and the posting of appropriate signs. This work includes maintaining engineered evapotranspirative covers at disposal sites operated under Resource Conservation and Recovery Act permits by installing gravel, providing supplemental watering, performing erosion control, and repairing the covers in accordance with Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans and the PostClosure Care Permits. 

BGI staff supply services to determine whether or not controls are adequate to meet nuclear explosive surety standards. BGI’s senior technical advisors and nuclear explosive safety consultants can conduct nuclear explosive safety evaluations associated with design attributes of new and refurbished nuclear weapons to prevent nuclear detonation or deflagration, given an adverse environment, unauthorized act, or deliberate unauthorized use. 

BGI provides our clients with experienced and qualified project managers, engineers, geologists, scientists, risk assessors, and other professionals to evaluate complex environmental problems, provide workable solutions, and implement work plans to successfully meet final end-state conditions. 

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