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Construction and Environmental, Health and Safety Support for Semiconductor Manufacturing Facilities

For over a decade, BGI has been a key technical support service subcontractor providing environmental, health, and safety (EH&S) program management for one of the world’s largest multinational semi-conductor and technology corporations. BGI acts on the client’s behalf to oversee the performance of construction activities including construction management and contractor performance. BGI staff completes detailed design review and safety sign-off procedures prior to releasing the process manufacturing equipment for use. BGI also performs training, assists with incident investigations, performs daily field audits, and provides technical support to contractors. The BGI team supports construction projects ranging in value from $250 million to $2 billion. 

Currently, BGI is providing EH&S engineering service support for the decontamination, decommissioning, demolition, and retrofitting of manufacturing equipment (“production tools”) in an operational semiconductor factory containing over $10 billion of operational assets in mixed cleanroom and utility level environments throughout four interconnected facilities stretching over one mile from end to end. Our services include assisting engineers in creation of detailed checklists to conform to factory specifications, pre-work collaboration meetings, and subsequent post-decontamination and decommissioning safety audits to validate safe state of manufacturing equipment and facilities before and during demolition activity. 

This work involves high hazard and high consequence activities due to the proximity of other active production tools which can contain hazardous chemicals, explosive gases, high voltage wiring, nonionizing radiation hazards, lasers, hazardous liquid, and solid waste streams. BGI is responsible for program implementation, continuous improvement analysis, maturation, and integration into the world-wide “Virtual Factory” of universal best practices. Our staff created, and now delivers, training programs to facilitate a “coaching” safety environment and our EH&S team provides mentorship and conflict resolution for all levels of clients and contractor workforce from senior engineers to trade workers. Our client considers BGI services vital to the life of the program in order to ensure high quality service without interrupting the daily production of more than a million of dollars of product. 

2012 – Present

AZ, CA, MA, NM, OR, Ireland, Israel, and Mexico



Environmental, Health & Safety

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